Spookiest Poem Competition

PoemFor Halloween, Jitterbeans organised a great poetry competition for all the schools in Dungarvan.  There were over 700 entries.  There was a prize for secondary schools and primary schools.  The primary school prize was a family pass to Ardmore Open farm, a 360 Cookhouse voucher for the teacher and hot chocolate for the whole class.  All you had to do was write a spooky poem including the word Jitterbeans.  Most of my class entered.  I really enjoyed taking part in this competition and was thrilled to be pronounced the winner!  Over the Halloween break I enjoyed my visit to Ardmore Open Farm with my family.  When I returned to school, Jitterbeans arrived to our classroom with hot chocolate for everyone.  I really enjoyed this great competition and I hope they organise something fun like this again!

By Aisling Hurney