Collection of Books May 20th

The timetable has been organised according to alphabetical order of each pupil’s family name. It is important for that we control the numbers of parents arriving at the school so it is imperative that parents keep to the timeslot given.

We have not organised collection according to class as there are a number of families with children in different classes and we want parents to have one collection only.

Each timeslot is for one hour. We will have the books for your child bagged, labelled and ready for collection from the front entrance hall. No children are allowed to come into the school, one parent only to collect each bag. Teachers have organised the books that will be needed for home study only and the other books from the book rental will remain in school. Please remember too that for classes from 1st to 6th we will require some of your books to be returned for next year. If books get damaged at home they will need to be replaced.

Thank you again for all your work with the pupils at home during this worrying time. You may be anxious about your child’s learning but remember that every experience you give your child can be a learning one. The staff will work very hard when we get back to fill in any gaps in their learning.

Please click on this link for the Timetable for the Collection of Books from Scoil Mhuire on Wednesday May 20th